About us


About KAF

Kalyet Afya Foundation (KAF) is a local non-profit organization based in Molo Sub-County that offer a range of healthcare and family planning services to rural communities and slum areas who cannot afford the cost of healthcare or cost of transport to the healthcare facilities. This includes information and awareness raising to dispel myths and create a better understanding of the benefits of family planning, HIV testing and counselling and preventative cancer testing. The services we offer are free of charge and include a range of modern contraception methods (short and long-term reversible methods), HIV testing and counselling, cancer screening and immunizations. This is done by holding mobile clinics in various locations.

KAF belief that all people, regardless of where they live, have the right to decide whether and when to have children, to exist free from fear and stigma, and to lead the lives they choose.

KAF work to increase access to sexual and reproductive health and rights for everyone. We are committed to expanding access to quality sexual and reproductive health services that offer each woman the chance to make an informed choice about whether she wishes to use contraception and the method best suited to her needs. We collaborate closely with our partners to offer integrated health and environment work to address the holistic needs of communities, and reach the most vulnerable populations.

— Our Mission

To sensitize, educate and provide family planning and health care services to the rural communities.

— Our Vision

Quality health care and clean Environment for individuals and their communities.

— Core competencies

  • Community mobilization
  • Community participation and engagement
  • Community based service delivery/intervention
  • Partnership building

— Our goal

To ensure all members of the community in the remote areas get quality healthcare services as well as ensure women and men achieve their desired family size and fulfill the reproductive health and rights for all by ensuring universal access to quality family planning information and services.

What we do

Family planning

We increase uptake of family planning in rural areas and slum areas for women and girls, providing voluntary family planning services through a rights-based approach.

Awareness and knowledge

We increased awareness and knowledge of family planning to communities and health seeking behavior for rural girls, women, boys and men through demonstrative approaches.


Improve access to healthcare for the marginalized rural communities through organizing mobile clinics, backpack nursing, referrals and delivering healthcare services.

Our Values

Quality, excellence & continuous improvement

So as to deliver high impact and cost-effective support for our stakeholders and beneficiaries

Openness to feedback, ideas and learning

This is to ensure we are creative and innovative.

Service to the poor and underserved

So as to bring hope and change lives.

Accountability and transparency

Accountability and transparency in all our actions to ensure credibility.

Stakeholder participation

This is to facilitate for community based solutions.

Our objectives

  • To strengthen the capacities of CHVs (community health volunteers) in terms of knowledge enhancement, skills upgrading, attitude change, data and information gathering, analysis and dissemination who are involved in reproductive health to meet reproductive, maternal and child health needs as well as other health care services.
  • To provide information on health care services and family planning to youth, women and men in the rural areas and slums areas in the most affordable and appropriate manner.
  • To improve access to essential health care services to all members of the community in the rural areas. By providing healthcare services using Back pack nurse, organizing free day clinics.
  • To contribute to the improvement of access to quality maternal and reproductive health services
  • To broaden and enhance the prevention of diseases which threaten maternal health, including STD’s and HIV/AIDS and lifestyle diseases through prevention, care and support.